5 Years Serving The People of Galway Award Winning Coffee With A Smile


When we opened our doors in 2013, as Espresso44, the team were filled with enthusiasm and excited to bring a new coffee brand, FIXX Coffee to the main shopping street in Galway City.  You couldn't help but notice the new addition to the street at the time with its vibrant orange shopfront.  Fast forward five years, the business is thriving, bringing quality, award-winning, great tasting barista style coffee to he heart of Galway.

'We at Espresso44 strive to create an inviting environment and pride ourselves on our customer service, ensuring each and every person who walks into the coffee shop receives top class service whether they're a regular or visiting for he first time' Noeleen Melia, Manager

Espresso44 is more than just a generic coffee shop.  With friendly, down to earth staff, customers automatically feel a sense of ease and can be sure that they get service with a smile as well as the best tasting coffee and large selection of cakes, snacks and sandwiches.

In the last few years, Espresso44 have moved with changing dietary needs of their customers and now boasts an impressive range of milk alternatives, offering five different varieties: Oat, Almond, Rice, Soya and Coconut, along with full fat and semi-skimmed cow's milk.  The café also caters for customers with other specific dietary requirements, serving up a range of Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free and Vegan treats.

We function primarily as a takeaway coffee shop filling the gap in the market for somewhere that would provide sublime coffee and a fast, convenient, healthy lunch or snack on the go.

A daily selection of sandwiches, including gluten free alternatives, cakes and pastries from local suppliers, as well as fresh soup daily, ensures everything is fresh and delicious.

Its not just incredible coffee that's on offer, we are also renowned for our seriously tasty hot chocolate!  They are created with organic chocolate chips and decorated with mini marshmallows, topped off with whipped cream.  Don't just take our word for it, our hot chocolate has just recently been voted one of the best in Galway by 'This is Galway' magazine and was also featured in Image Magazine.  

Espresso44, 44 William St, Galway City.